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Safety Tips for Seller

    1. Be aware to use a safe location to meet, try to take the full payment at the time of delivery.

    2. Be careful for the fake currency and money orders

      3. Ensure that your product match the features you post in your ad to avoid misunderstanding with buyer.

        4. Verify the buyer's information and ask the buyer to provide photo ID and Proof of address.

          5. Don't share your financial information except the buyer required for payment.

          6. Minimize risk between both buyer and seller

            Safety Tips for Buyer

              1. Must meet the seller at a safe location and inspect the goods before you decide to purchase.

                2. Be careful for the unrealistic offers. Sometime Unrealistic offers are used to motivate purchasers to make hasty decisions.

                  3. Never transfer payment to someone you don't know before collecting the goods. The best way to transact is to collect the goods and pay at the same time.

                    4. Verify for the clear information, document, condition and delivery method of the goods before you buy.

                      5. Never give out your financial information, should use the payment method that you trust.

                        6. We recommended to purchase the goods directly from the seller.